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Complete air handling system, portable cylinder holder/carrier

E.S. Safety Systems offers a complete compressed air cylinder storage and handling system for SCBA cylinders and O2 cylinders.

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Complete air handling system, portable cylinder holder/carrier


  • Help prevent the very real possibility of dropping a high pressure vessel in an unfriendly environment. eg. Stairwell of a fire involved building.
  • With higher working pressures up to 4500 psi and lighter composite cylinders, these high pressure vessels, if not handled properly, are a potential rocket.
  • The SafeT System Holder/Carriers eliminates the unacceptable practice of carrying cylinders by the valve handle or valve assembly.


  • One firefighter can now safely carry four cylinders allowing the ability to get more cylinders to the scene faster, with less effort, and with less personnel, conserving manpower and energy for the real task of being able to fight the fire on arrival. eg. Highrise Incident.
  • No more lost time transferring cylinders from apparatus storage device to transporting device if your department even has one.
  • Providing a more organized and secure staging area. eg. No more stacking cylinders like cordwood.

Cost effectively

  • Reducing firefighter injuries, both minor strains to serious injury or death due to previous mishandling practices.
  • Reducing public property damage by more efficient fire ground operations.
  • Protects expensive equipment preventing early replacement costs. eg. Shell damage to cylinders.
  • Reduced cylinder maintenance costs. eg. Bent handles, broken gauges, damaged threads; all caused from mishandling. The SafeT System Holder/Carriers can reduce if not eliminate these maintenance costs putting this previously budgeted money back in your hands to be used for other vital operating costs or new fire fighting equipment.
  • Mishandling of high pressure cylinders is costing your department unnecessary expenses and jeopardizing fire fighter safety.


Apparatus / Air Support Storage

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