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MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag

Paratech’s MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag takes lifting to a whole new level.

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MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag

Integrating the latest technology with a unique understanding of lifting, Paratech has designed the MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag to exceed expectations. Ease of use and speed of deployment make the MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag an obvious choice whether the goal is saving lives or lifting locomotives. Patent pending design.

  • LIFT HEIGHT = 26 in / 66 cm
  • LIFT CAPACITY = 31 tons / 28.1 metric tons
  • INSERTION HEIGHT = 3.5 in / 8.9 cm
  • SAFETY FACTOR = 4 to 1
  • WORKING PRESSURE = 150 psi / 10.3 bar




Brochure : http://www.paratech.com/sites/default/files/multiforce6web_bw.pdf