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FSI North America Decontamination Showers

FSI decon showers are one piece, fully integrated systems. Simply inflate, and connect the water inlet source and commence decontamination.

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FSI North America Decontamination Showers

FSI® DAT®1010S First Responder Decontamination Shower System

Approx. 3.5′ W X 3.5′ L X 8′ H (1062 mm X 1062 mm X 2429 mm), one person economy sized portable hazmat decon shower unit complete, weighs approx. 45 lbs. (20.5 kg) and comes with 6 spray nozzle heads and a single multifunction trigger gun. 12.25 sq. ft. (1.13 M²).

FSI® DAT®2020S First Responder Decontamination Shower System

Approx. 7′ W X 7′ L X 8′ H (2125 mm X 2125 mm X 2429 mm), 50 sq. ft. (4.7 M²), 80 lbs. (36 kg). Full size, one person first responder portable hazmat decon shower system complete. Comes with 7 spray nozzles, and 1 single multi-function trigger gun. 

FSI®DAT3535S “Rapid Deploy” Decon shower

2-line, 3 or 4 stage mass casualty decon shower system, approx. 10’W X 15’L X 9’H (3036 mm X 4554 mm X 2732 mm), 150 sq. ft. (13.9 M²), 145 lbs. (65 kg), undress/detergent shower/rinse shower/redress configuration. Decon 2 to 4 ambulatory personnel, 2 non-ambulatory or any combination at one time. Each line offers a 4′ (1214 mm) undress, 7′ (2125 mm) detergent/rinse shower area, 4′ (1214 mm) redress section.


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