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Designed for high volume water supply where excellent friction loss, packability and cold temperature flexibility are critical.

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  • “LDH”supply hose
  • Supplying stand pipe systems
  • Supply stand alone portable hydrants
  • Pumper to pumper relay

Features and Benefits

  • Large diameter rubber layflat supply hose
  • When specified, available with Hydowick Storz couplings with “Lock Protector”technology, in sizes 4” & 5” (102 & 127 mm)
  • Available with Hydrowick Gold Anodized Storz™ couplings with the iReflect™ lock levers and “Lock Protector” technology in sizes 4” & 5” (102 mm & 127 mm).
  • These couplings also feature the Identify™ recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings
  • Various threaded and other lightweight Storz couplings available
  • Remains flexible to -35º F (-36º C)
  • Meets UL requirements and can be labeled upon request in sizes 4” & 5” (102 & 127 mm)
  • Carries a Five (5) Year Warranty
  • With iReflect™ technology couplings, Deluge™ carries a 2-10-L warranty (“2 year All Hazards”,  “10 year against manufacturing defects” and “Lifetime against delamination”)
  • Available colors: 4” (102mm) red and yellow; 5” (127mm)  orange, red, blue and yellow; 6” (152mm) orange



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