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Designed for enhanced durability, visibility and improved functionality in a storz coupling system.

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  • The iRefl ect® Lock Lever (patent pending) has a recessed, highly refl ective material which provides rapid identification of the coupling locks
  • The iRefl ect® Lock Lever (patent pending) is anodized in a bright color to enhance visibility
  • Lock protector technology protects the lock lever mechanism against damage, such as when the coupling is dropped during deployment
  • Recessed refl ective arrows (patent pending), located 180 degrees from the lock lever
    1. Point to the location of the lock
    2. Greatly enhance visibility to oncoming traffic
    3. Point towards the direction of rotation to engage (lock) the couplings
  • Features the Identify® recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings
  • Anodized process provides added resistance to abrasion, salt and corrosion
  • Diameters : 3 in, 4 in, 5 in
  • Two Year All Hazards Warranty and 10 years against manufacturing defects



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