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Blitzfire Monitors

The Blitzfire and Blitzlite Monitors are the most advanced initial attack portable monitor ever designed for high performance fire suppression.

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Blitzfire Monitors

Realizing that the ability to maximize flows while dealing with limited manning is a reality in today’s fire service, TFT has developed the lightest, easiest to operate, and by far the safest portable ground monitor in the world. Combining TFT’s exclusive slide valve, the unique Safe-Tak II safety shutoff, and the new Max-Force dual pressure nozzle, the Blitzfire will set the standard for rugged, high-flow, initial fire attack.

With a flow rating up to 500 gpm, the TFT Blitzfire and Blitzfire HE Portable Monitors are integrated with an exclusive safety shutoff system that helps prevent unintentional movement during critical fireground operations. Compact and lightweight in design, the monitors feature TFT’s exclusive slide valve for complete nozzle man flow control. Both offer a low attack angle of 10 degrees, while the Blitzfire HE adjusts up to 86 degrees above horizontal.


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