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Foam Eductor

With the touch of a button, TFT’s Foam Eductor Series can completely flush all residual foam concentrate ensuring successful injection during the next foam operation.

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Foam Eductor

In line Foam Eductors have a metering head with easy-read knob for use with Class A foam at .25% and .5% and with ARC-AFFF foam at 1%, 3% and 6% . Extra large 36″ pickup hose and stainless steel wand are ideal for use with high viscosity foams. The meter head is equipped with a unique backflush push-button for fast cleaning, and is secured to the eductor body with a rugged disconnect. All controls are easy to use with gloves. Made of hardcoat anodized aluminum for corrosion protection. The required inlet pressure is 200 psi. The maximum allowable back pressure is 130 psi.


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