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The Hemisphere is a versatile, lightweight, and quick to deploy portable monitor that gives the user the ability to quickly establish water flow in locations that ground monitors cannot.

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Since the Hemisphere doesn’t rely on gravity for stability, it can be pointed horizontal and down, in addition to up. The rotating, swiveling waterway, allows the stream to be pointed in virtually any direction, within a hemispherical range without interrupting water flow.

Flow range up to 500 gpm (2000 l/min). The monitor features a swiveling 90 degree, valved inlet and a rotating swiveling outlet that is manually adjustable via a double ball swivel, angled 40 degrees from the main waterway, capable of sweeping 80 degrees, that can be rotated about the main waterway a full 360 degrees by a hand crank. Outlet has a built-in stream straightener. The quarter turn ball valve has a bail type handle, which locks in the closed position, to prevent accidental discharge. Attachment to the various mounting options is as easy as sliding the socket at the base of the monitor onto the quick attach mount. A rotation release lever, that is separate from the release pin, allows the monitor to be rotated about its mount without the need to release the monitor from its mount. Water pressurized pins prevent the monitor from rotating or releasing while flowing, and a separate mechanism in the release pull pin prevents the monitor from releasing when the weight of the monitor is unsupported. A built-in carrying handle and lightweight aluminum construction make transport and deployment quick and easy. Overall size, without the nozzle, is 22.5″L x 12.2″W x 12.0″H (57.2 x 12.2 x 12.0 cm). Standard inlet is 2.5″ NH (65mm) rocker lug coupling. Standard outlet is 2.5″ NH (65mm) rigid male threads.


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