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Respiratory Protection and accessories

  • Air-Pak SCBA

    The Scott Safety Air-Pak is the most trusted, durable and easy-to-use SCBA in the fire service because only Scott Safety uses redundant safety features, has a low cost of ownership and is firefighter-designed and -tested.

  • Cylinders

    Scott offers a complete assortment of cylinders, including our newest and lightest 5.5 cylinder, to meet the needs and demands of all SCBA users.

  • EPIC 3 Communication System

    Answering the market request for communication and intelligibility improvements, Scott Safety introduces the EPIC 3—the smartest, most durable and safest voice amplification communication system in the market.

  • Imperium Incident Command Suite

    ​Imperium ICS for Windows is an incident command solution designed to improve event management and help customers meet compliance standards set forth by both NIMS and their own standard operating guidelines.

  • Pak-Tracker Firefighter Locator System

    Locate a trapped or downed first responder within a single or multi-story structure quickly and safely with the Scott Pak-Tracker locator system, reducing search and rescue times by up to 50%.

  • Scott Sight

    New in-mask thermal intelligence system designed to improve firefighter safety via real-time benefits of thermal imaging in plain sight.

  • Stationary or Mobile Air Compressors

    Scott Safety’s stationary or mobile air compressors and accessories.

  • Quantifit

    The Quantifit is the Gold Standard when it comes to reliable fit testing. There are significant advantages when choosing the Quantifit Fit Tester, including greater accuracy which results in a better fit and more protection.