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The Quantifit is the Gold Standard when it comes to reliable fit testing. There are significant advantages when choosing the Quantifit Fit Tester, including greater accuracy which results in a better fit and more protection.

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For first responders, there’s no substitute for safety. Created for durability and portability, it’s modern design is more streamlined and lighter than previous models. The Quantifit package includes a carrying case, keyboard, onboard memory and PC connections, as well as other unmatched features that make it reliable and easy to use, dramatically improving your respirator program. No other quantitative fit test instrument comes close.

Within the first ten seconds of testing, the Quantifit can determine whether the respirator user has a basic fit or not. And the OSHA-accepted Controlled Negative Pressure CNP Redon protocol takes as little as three minutes. If other quantitative fit test instruments measured accuracies of less than 40%1, why put your employees at risk?

Features and Benefits

The Quantifit® has a sleek look and features state-of-the-art technological advances, taking accuracy, speed, and reliability to a whole new level.

  • 3 minute respirator fit testing : With the OSHA-approved 5-step Redon Protocol, which can only be used with Controlled Negative Pressure technology (The FitTester 3000 and the Quantifit), a typical fit test can be completed in three minutes.
  • No Consumables : The Quantifit requires no alcohol solutions, wicks or probes to perform testing.  Eliminates ongoing cost of consumables and headaches for required consumables for testing.
  • On-board data storage : The Quantifit can store 500 tests enabling the typical user to store more than a year’s worth of tests. The data can be downloaded to FitTrack Gold software or backed up to a memory stick for safe keeping.
  • USB keyboard and printer connection : The Quantifit is more automated, requiring less interaction with the user. And with clearer instructions and simpler operation, many users will be able to do a self-test with speed and ease.
  • Smaller and lighter : The Quantifit has a modern design and is smaller and lighter than the FitTester 3000. With an ergonomic handle, it’s easy to move quickly.
  • Quieter operation : Because of technological advances in microprocessing, you won’t even know the Quantifit is running.