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Stationary or Mobile Air Compressors

Scott Safety’s stationary or mobile air compressors and accessories.

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  • Installation in fire station or mobile on trailer
  • The most reliable purifying filters available on the market

Smart Fill Auto Cascade System

Fully automatic, the Smart Fill Auto Cascade System is an easier and more efficient way to cascade. Simple to use and maintain, it requires minimal training and frees the operator to perform other tasks while guaranteeing maximum air is pulled from the storage cylinders. Easily added to any unit, the system works with or without a compressor and on both stationary and truck-mounted units. This flexibility makes it an ideal fit for those who are ready to switch to auto cascading or anyone planning to add a new compressor or breathing air system.

  • Automation saves time and maximizes air
  • Small footprint and only weighs 26 lbs
  • Pneumatic driven (no electric power)
  • Modular – easily added to any unit

RevolveAir fill station

The revolutionary RevolveAir fill station provides maximum safety and performance, simultaneously charging (2) BAC’s within the protective chamber while two BAC’s are exchanged on the outside of the chamber. The unit comes complete with rigid charge adapters, safety interlocks, safety gauges, charge and bleed valves and a pressure regulator for automatic BAC charging.

  • Economical charge station
  • Total containment for two cylinders
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Tested to NFPA 1901
  • Meets NFPA standards
  • Safety pressure gauges
  • Auxiliary outlet unregulated back, regulated front
  • Automatic storage refill valve


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