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Saws and Saws Blades

  • 12 Tooth Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade

    The only roof ventilation blade specifically designed to meet New York City Fire Department specifications. Trusted by firefighters, USAR, RIT, SOC and forcible entry teams world wide who need a serious demolition cutting tool.

  • Fire Rescue Safety Blade

    Fire Rescue Safety Blades are designed to cut everything faster, longer, and safer than abrasive blades. They’re the fire rescue blades that you need for forcible entry, RIT, extrication, and any other situation where time counts.

  • Shark Fire Department Ventilation Chainsaw

    The next generation of Shark ventilating chainsaw is here. From its ferocious Husqvarna engine and easiest to use depth adjuster, this chaisaw will make easy work of your toughest challenges.

  • Scie K 970 Rescue

    Our most powerful rescue power cutter is specially developed for rescue and clearing work. Used and trusted by fire services around the world.