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12 Tooth Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade

The only roof ventilation blade specifically designed to meet New York City Fire Department specifications. Trusted by firefighters, USAR, RIT, SOC and forcible entry teams world wide who need a serious demolition cutting tool.

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12 Tooth Carbide Roof Ventilation Blade

Uses : cutting, roof ventilation

Materials : Membrane roofing, staple roofing, asphalt shingles, tarred roofing, fiberglass, drywall, particleboard, waferboard, plywood, all wood products, tree roots and branches.

Wet/dry : Dry cutting, can be used for wet cutting.

Carbide Tips : 0.169 inch thick, thicker than the blade core to widen kerf and reduce pinching, binding and tar build-up. Can withstand 305,000 PSI. Brazed with special S-3 solder for more strength.


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