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Fire Rescue Safety Blade

Fire Rescue Safety Blades are designed to cut everything faster, longer, and safer than abrasive blades. They’re the fire rescue blades that you need for forcible entry, RIT, extrication, and any other situation where time counts.

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Fire Rescue Safety Blade


Metal braces; hardened locks and shackles; hockey puck locks; security gates; chain-link fence; car doors; bulletproof glass; wood; drywall; 2x4s; plywood; stucco; galvanized steel; ductile, cast, angle and black iron; high-nickel Hastelloy “super alloys”; schedule 40 and 80 steel pipe; PVC; HDPE; C-900; plastic pipe; concrete; rebar; block; brick; stone; and asphalt.

Quick Facts about Our Fire Rescue Safety Blades

  • Fire Rescue Safety Blades are made of solid steel to eliminate segment loss, shattering, and silicon carbide dust. They’re the safest fire rescue saw blades you can buy.
  • Fire Rescue Safety Blades have a thick coat of vacuum-brazed diamond that makes them the fastest-cutting fire rescue blades on the market.
  • Fire Rescue Safety Blades cut anything in their path. They’re the perfect fire rescue saw blades for forcible entry, RIT, and USAR.
  • Fire Rescue Safety Blades outlast abrasive fire rescue blades by 150 to 1 and are cheaper in the long run for cash-strapped fire departments.


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