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Super Vac 7 Series Ventilator

The Super Vac 7 Series Ventilator is a classic true full roll cage design that has proven itself over the years – durable steel frame, 4-position tilt lever.

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Super Vac 7 Series Ventilator

Available Sizes

16″ : the most compact size PPV – fits into the tightest apparatus compartments

18″ : the most popular size PPV – perfect combination of size and power

20″ : capable of handling larger jobs – great for departments with larger residential structures

24″ : for departments looking for high output for commercial structures


  • 7-Point Cast Aluminum Blade – holds up better than plastic in high heat
  • Precision Spun Steel Shroud – durability with maximum airflow
  • Full Roll Cage Steel Frame – protects key components
  • Flat Proof Tires – heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs
  • 4-Position Tilt Frame – -10°, 0°, 10°, 20°
  • Air Cone Guard – classic design for maximum airflow, StreamShaper guard optional
  • Fold Down Handle – folds down within frame for storage, easy grip with heavy duty gloves
  • 5 Year Warranty

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