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Valor Series Super Vac Ventilator

The Valor Series is the latest in PPV innovations from Super Vac. Featuring a Patent Pending frame design that is simple and intuitive to position on the fire ground, the Valor series is engineered to ease the toughest ventilation challenges.

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Valor Series Super Vac Ventilator

They feature a tough, tubular aluminum frame (15% lighter than previous models), full width handle, real rubber never-flat tires, 5-position tilt via the quick step pad, and the ability to easily attached ducting to the output. The Valor was also designed to be more versatile. With the addition of the 5-position Step Pad, this PPV easily can be placed on stairs eliminating problems previously encounters on 1 and 2 step entry ways and front porches. The Valor also keeps firefighter safety in mind. Not only are the heavy duty tires tough enough to maneuver curbs and debris, found on scene, they are also strategically placed on the back of the frame so you never need to put yourself between the PPV and the fire during set-up.

Available Motors

Single Speed: TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) motor – an affordable, quality product for departments on a budget looking for an entry level PPV

Variable Speed: precise control of air movement and up to 33% more airflow than single speed motors – will run on any 15 amp GFCI circuit and new hydraulic generators

Hazardous Location: single speed, hazardous location motor and switch – designed  to handle any ventilation situation including potentially explosive environments – UL Listed Class 1, Group D

Battery: powered by lithium battery with a run time of up to 2 hours.  Can run on battery alone or be plugged into 115V AC power source for versatility – only available in 18″

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